Lookie at what I found!

March 31, 2008 at 5:16 pm (guest bloggers)

Cheer was right, the best place to look is between the mattress and bed springs! Evidently, Teri knows someone named Seth who had a Bar Mitzvah way back in 1993. The whole family decided to celebrate with Karaoke, see if you can spot Teri!



  1. Teri said,

    OH DEAR GOD……..

  2. cheer34 said,

    Terri is on the left in the pink dress…is this all you found?

  3. SkylersDad said,

    Teri: Are you already regretting?

    Cheer: There is a collection of porn that would make a sailor blush that distracted me. I am still digging…

  4. Freak Magnet said,

    I just rammed pencils into my ears over and over to make it stop. There’s a little blood, but not no more of that crap.

  5. coffeypot said,

    My ears hurt!

  6. Special K said,

    This even made my Dog leave the room.

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