Meeting fellow bloggers

May 9, 2008 at 12:18 am (bloggers, misc, NJ stuff, Philly stuff)

I will attending a play tomorrow night in the Philly area. Mr. Poop & Boogies will be in a play and I, along with a few other bloggers, will be in attendance. I hope to have pictures and maybe some video. We’ll see.



  1. Catcuracha said,


  2. The 3 of Us said,

    awww, man, i wanted to go to this so bad! but i am working night shift this weekend and monday leave for a week in outer banks for a wedding, so i won’t be able to see any of the performances. boo hoo!

    have fun! and if you meet mr poop & boogies, tell him i say hi!

  3. Sushiboy said,

    which play? I’m exited to see the pictures and or video. I can’t wait till I’m in a position in life to do some theater again. I did a little when I was younger. It was really fun.

  4. metalmom said,


    Fill me in on the details!!

  5. WILLIAM said,

    You rock for coming out to the show Teri. I loved meeting you. I hope you enjoyed your time with the others. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  6. SkylersDad said,

    I would love to meet fellow bloggers sometime, it just isn’t in the cards tho…

  7. Heidenschneckenbaum said,

    How’d it go?!?

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