You have what kind of tattoo?

June 4, 2008 at 8:41 pm (tattoos)

I was leaving work today, on my way to the train, when I saw this lady with the outline of New Jersey on her arm. Okay, I love the State that I live but why would you get this tattooed on your body?

Have you seen any really weird tattoos?


  1. Diane said,

    Oh, I’ve seen some weird tattoos, but those are the ones that usually mean something to their owners. The really strange ones are the ones people get of their favorite cartoon characters. I’ll never understand why someone would want Tweety bird or the Tazmanian Devil on their body. To each their own…

  2. SkylersDad said,

    A lot of weird tats out there, but the one I remember the most was on a stripper. She had a tat of a guy pushing a mower, and she shaved half her pubes to make it look like he was trimming them.

  3. La Crabcuracha said,

    i have three. MIne arent weird.

    The weirdest I’ve seen are the cartoon characters, like Woody Woodpecker or the Grinch.

  4. Special K said,

    Some folks think my tattoos are weird – so I think it’s a matter of taste and how much of an “artsy fartsy” you are, lol.
    …I guess the one I’ve seen in person that disturbed me the most was a tatt of Charles Manson on a dude’s chest.
    Tatt’s should be personal, beautiful and have meaning…why glorify some sicko? Why mark your body just to shock others? I think, unfortunately, there are some ‘unhealthy’ folks that gravitate toward body art…and frankly give it a bad bad bad name.

    Excellent question!!!

  5. metalmom said,

    I know a strange girl that had a “T” tattoo. I think she’s saving the money to get “Mr.” inked in front of it.

  6. Cheer34 said,

    Nothing strange…..a young lady had her entire back tatooed with a cypress tree…branches, trunk and roots…below the roots was a ghoulish person looking up….I saw a picture similar to the one on her back in New Orleans….the cypress tree and people under the roots of the tree have meaning…
    but at this time I can’t remember what it is…the tatoo was just an outline not color….it was beautiful

  7. Sunshine & Kitten Farts said,

    I don’t understand why people get their own name tattooed on themselves. Are they afraid they’re gonna forget? Are they afraid the person they picked up at the club is gonna forget? Always perplexes me.

  8. coffeypot said,

    I guess that lady is luck she doesn’t live in Alaska. She may not have survived the tattooing.

  9. "that girl" said,

    i too will never understand why people tattoo their own name on themselves … little 21 year old boy has his last name tattoo’d on his back … i asked him if he was planning on going to jail … LOL!!

    and worse yet is people that tattoo a significant others name on themselves … always thought that was just stupid

    but to each their own is my moto

    weirdest tattoo … don’t know … seen so many but none have really stood out as weird

  10. IRISHKAT said,

    Good thing she didn’t enter Sunshine’s party!

  11. Trukindog said,

    You should have a look at my current post “Pit Pussy?”

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