June 20, 2008 at 11:31 pm (skating tricks, Tina)

Some of you know that back in February my dumb ass sister was doing some skating tricks and messed up her ankle. She recently got a scooter to help her mobility and she recently had surgery to attach all her parts back together. She’s in a cast and still rides her scooter. She can’t function with the crutches because she needs another person to help carry her crap around, especially her Starbucks coffee.

I was speaking to my mother last night and asked her to take of picture of Tina on said scooter. I then spoke to Tina this morning and mentioned a picture. She said something about “over her dead body” and “don’t hold my breath”….or something like that. Whatever!

From a show of hands, who wants to see a picture of my dumb ass, gimpy sister on her scooter. Anyone besides me?



  1. Mel said,

    waving my hand up in the air!! I wanna see!

  2. Just Dave said,


  3. Some Guy said,

    She must be so glad to have family that is sympathetic to her hardship.

    And yeah, I want to see it.

  4. "that girl" said,

    **sigh** fine, fine, fine

    later … no one is up but me … and i have a headache so i’m going back to beddy bye land

  5. "that girl" said,

    and no i’m not lazy, the comment time says 11 but in az it’s only 8

  6. Teri said,

    YAY! *clapping loudly*

    You’re in AZ, I’m in NJ, you’re more than forgiven for the time difference.

  7. metalmom said,

    I’m all about f*cking with a sister.

    DO IT!!! I’m on my back with both hands and both feet in the air!!!!
    (There’s a pretty picture!)

  8. SkylersDad said,

    Since she refuses to send me any “other types” of photos, yeah, I would love to see her on her scooter!

  9. "that girl" said,

    ok, ok …. gonna put some real clothes on, head downstairs and teach the kids how to do a photoshoot!!

  10. gaining some lb's said,

    ok this answers my question to another post.


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