My One True Love

July 24, 2008 at 12:42 pm (Catherinette, computer love)

I have a new love.  We just met but I feel such an overwhelming connection, I just can’t deny it.  We are running away together and I foresee this lasting a lifetime.  Wish us the best.

My new love is WordPress.  This place is AWESOME and every one of you should try it.  Thanks to those who sang its praises.  You were right.  You’re always right.  Especially that Catherinette woman.

So you can find me here from now on.  Please visit me.



  1. dicksmall said,

    Nice site.
    Even though i had to create a wordpress account to post a comment. ….

  2. tighet said,

    Sorry about that, Dick. I changed that.

  3. dicksmall said,

    Oh, so now you changed it, after all that work i just went through… thanks. for nothing.

  4. metalmom said,

    OOOHHH!! Pretty!

    I like it alot! But I still miss your tattoo!

  5. tighet said,

    Metalmom – Thanks, I’m still tweeking things. So I’ll see if I can add the avatar.

    Dick – Sorry! Everything takes work, nowadays!

  6. Cinnkitty said,

    yep..yep… it’s pretty darn awesome! And it does all the stuff you want — you know, password protected posts and all. 🙂

    Welcome home!!!

  7. dicksmall said,

    Um, Teri, another thought: I know the 2 posts you’ve kept hidden you did because you didn’t want “you-know-who” to read, but you might want to change the tags so they don’t say “Brian” and “stupid men”. FYI….

  8. tighet said,

    Dick – yeah, I thought about that. I’ll probably take off the Brian part. I’m still tweeking, Dick, give me a minute, would ya?

  9. dicksmall said,

    Well… okay..

  10. dicksmall said,

    But you better not let Brian see it. I already sent him an email about it.

  11. mixednut said,

    Looks great Teri!

  12. The Guv said,

    Haha we’ve made a giant exodus lately! Welcome though missy!!!

    Sigh. Now I have to go change my blogroll. I hate doing anything involving WORK. (Yes, that’s work to me, beeyotch!)

  13. Jen said,

    Why is wordpress better?
    enlighten me..

  14. tighet said,

    Jen, more options for things. better organization. Blogger is more manual with alot of stuff and it doesn’t offer certain things. For example, I like that I can put my archives in a drop down menu or do a password protected post. If you don’t care about that stuff, then Blogger is good.

  15. Catherinette said,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of wordpress. You’ll never miss blogger, not ever.

  16. Philly said,

    I signed up yesterday and started playing around. TOTALLY CONFUSED !!



  17. Linda said,

    Congrats on your new bloggy home! Looks great!

    Maybe I should dump LiveJournal and get a place in this ‘hood, because LJ drives me crazy. But the thought of transferring all those posts gives me pause…

  18. Teri said,

    Philly – what do you need help with? email me at:

  19. Libragirl said,

    crap…i commented on the other site coz i’m dumb.
    oh well…

    what i said – was
    let me know if you have any questions and i added you to my bloglines feedreader for the new site.

  20. coffeypot said,

    I’m here! Okay, let the party begin. I realy like your new site, too.

  21. cat said,

    YAY! It feels kinda wierd though.

    I fear change!

  22. Finn said,


  23. sista #2 said,

    Will there be a wedding?


  24. Nobody™ said,

    Self hosted wordpress is even better!

  25. Cayman said,

    Great site. Good to see your new love isn’t Dick Small. : )

  26. Dick Small said,


  27. Dick Small said,

    man, this is a tough crowd here…

  28. Dick Small said,

    … btw, teri, your comment clock is all screwed up. it is not july 28, it’s july 27. And it’s not 2:36 a.m., it’s 2:36 p.m. Who’s running this place, anyway???

  29. SushiBoy said,

    I like the new digs. I see you even have a password protected post up. just like you always wanted. Maybe one day I’ll make the switch. But I doubt it. I’m too lazy.

  30. Chris said,

    Megan did her new blog on WordPress and she likes it better, too.

    As for me, I fear change.

  31. Skylers Dad said,

    Sweet digs!

  32. Dr Zibbs said,

    Does she have big boobs?

  33. cat said,

    I was also worried DIck might be your true love. Remember, if you let him in, he’ll never leave.

    He’ll also eat all your cereal.

  34. Dick Small said,

    *rummaging through Teri’s cabinet* So Teri, got anything other than this whole-grain crap???!!?

  35. Teri said,

    there is some granola and mini wheats in there somewhere. or would you rather have a bagel? I’m here to please, Dick.

  36. cat said,

    DON”T feed him Teri! Run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Special K said,

    Wow, this is lovely over here.
    I, like Chris, fear change…..but……now you got me wantin’ to switch too.

    I’m glad your happy with it!1

  38. Dick Small said,

    Sorry, I’m fed, and the fridge is still full of beer, so I’ll be here awhile. Btw, Teri, you’re out of orange popsicles.

  39. Teri said,

    that’s odd, Dick, I don’t remember buying orange popsicles. maybe you ate something that “looked” like an orange popsicle?

  40. Teri said,

    I hope you don’t get food poisoning.

  41. Dick Small said,

    No, i didn’t say I had any, I just said you’re out. And while you’re at it, get some more beer. I’m on the last one.

  42. cat said,

    Check your cat, she’s probably pregnant.

  43. Dick Small said,


  44. Dick Small said,

    … although I’m totally offended, it was funny..

  45. that girl said,

    lately i have been thinking about packing my bags and moving here too …. odd

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