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August 22, 2008 at 8:11 pm (garden, lilac tree)

Are there any gardeners out there that could tell me what’s wrong with my lilac tree?  I had tons of new leaf growth but a lot of the older leaves have turned brown and I will have to prune a lot of the branches.  Did the new leaves suck the tree dry?  Did it not get enough water? 



  1. cinnkitty said,

    I’m not the green thumb.. my chain smoking, retired truck driver, neighbor Bonnie is. Want me to send her over? 😉

  2. Nobody™ said,

    Ask *pixie*. I think she could grow palm trees in Alaska.

  3. Bubbles said,

    I *think* it could be lilac blight. I’ve heard solutions ranging from destroying the plant (not my favorite) to treating it with copper. You might want to google lilac blight.

    Soil ph and water are always favorite things to look into… but if nothing unusual has happened in the weather or soil this year vs prior years, blight sounds more feasible.

    Good Luck! Jump on it right away.

  4. catcuracha said,

    Dick peed on it, I told you not to let him in! That’s how I lost my hydrangeas.

  5. coffeypot said,

    I know how you feel. The same thing happens to me with plastic plants. If I have a green thumb, its because I have an infected cut.

  6. metalmom said,

    I keep telling you!!!

    Place your crack into a sturdier container if you are gonna bury your stash under the lilac tree!!!

  7. Dick Small said,

    I read somewhere that the best thing for ailing lilac trees is bourbon. Pour a bottle of bourbon around the base of the tree, and in a few weeks you should notice the results. Also, burying a Saint Francis Of Asisi statue, head down, in front of the tree works as well. I don’t know why, but it does.

  8. Teri said,

    Bubbles, I’m taking your advice, for now. I’ve pruned the tree and will see what happens. It seems the blight makes it look like someone took a “blowtorch to the leaves”. Now the leaves look dead but I don’t know about a blowtorch being taken to them. They don’t look like they were on fire or anything.

  9. Teri said,

    Dick, Cat, Coffeypot and metalmom, you’re just being silly. AND no one is suppose to know about the crack. I thought that was our little secret, now it’s out there for the world to see. Thanks alot, Metalmom, thanks!

  10. Dick Small said,

    Fine, don’t believe us. But we’re not the ones with a dying lilac tree.

  11. cheer34 said,

    try this link and see if someone there can help you…..Rochester is the Lilac capital

  12. superwoman said,

    It might be a grub, or the lillac tree is just getting old, sometimes it’s just time to replace the tree.

  13. Dr Zibbs said,

    Lilac’s are like weeds. I’d cut off the brown pieces and give some good ole Miracle Grow.

  14. SushiBoy said,

    We had an old lilac bush at the old place. It was dying a little every year. It would die in sections. I’m not sure what was killing it. We ended up hacking it down to about a quarter of its original size. (but it was in much worse shape than yours)

  15. metalmom said,

    Cracked CHINA! I meant cracked CHINA! If you plant it under a lilac bush, the bush grows lush and the cracks disappear!

    Jeez! That could have been a disaster if the DEA read your blog!! 😮

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