How old are you?

September 6, 2008 at 3:12 pm (Chelsie)

My lovely niece, Chelsie, is 10 years old.  But if you ever talk to her, you would swear that she was about 40 years old.  She’s one of those kids that is very mature for her age.  She is obsessed with going through puberty and just can’t wait to “grow up”.

Tina mentioned that one day, two of Chelsie’s teachers were talking to each other and they made a joke about something “very adult like”.  She got the joke and she laughed.  Tina mentioned that this has happened for the past three years with Chelsie.  She will hear “adult” jokes and be the only child that laughs because she actually gets the joke.

She recently left my sister a note and the note started off “I just wanted to inform you….blah, blah,”  My sister and I were hysterical talking about this.  What child writes her mother a note, tattling on her brother, and starts off a note this way?  I can’t wait to see how she is when she’s older but I think it might put my sister right over the edge.  Then I’ll have to put both my sister and mother in a “home” somewhere.  My mother for her age and my sister because her daughter drove her to it.

Ah kids, you gotta love them.


Speaking of children, what is up with the epidemic of leaving your child in a hot, sweltering car to die?  Every summer I hear tons of stories and I’m baffled.  Do folks really have so much on their minds that they forget a child is in a car?  I hear about parents, grandparents and even friends who forget the baby in the back seat or a toddler who needs to be dropped off at daycare.  How can you arrive at home and wonder, hours later, where your child is?  What’s up, America?



  1. Dr Zibbs said,

    My son is like that. When he was 10, I was telling him a story that and said, “ know, it’s not like in ‘real lfe'”. He said, “‘real life’ – that’s cute” -like I was a little kid.

  2. Trukindog said,

    You may have just solved the mystery as to why I’ve never had children…Smart children scare me & I’m so absent minded I’d probably be one of those idiots that forget they even have a child.

  3. skylersdad said,

    I have yet to reach that level of maturity, but it works for me…

  4. coffeypot said,

    The things kids say and the way they say them keeps me in stitches all the time. I love talking to them as ‘adults’ and see what comes out of their mouths – especially word pronunciations.

  5. Bubbles said,

    I have three kids like that. When they gang up on me I just have to go with it. I feel a great deal of comfort knowing the next generation is going to decide what home I go to. 😀

  6. Just Dave said,

    She is a very attractive young lady. Please let her know that she needs to start acting stupid now so boys will ask her out.

    You don’t want to know how furious I get when I hear a story about a child dying after being left in a hot car. I carry a special hammer in the car that is designed to easily penetrate auto safett glass. If I ever see a child (or dog for that matter) locked in a hot car, I will break the window and get it out. Then I will wait for the parent and see how easily the hammer will penetrate their skull.

  7. Finn said,

    That’s funny — my son, who will be 10 soon, is the same way!

    I don’t know about the car thing. Um, people are idiots?

  8. thatgirl said,

    yeah, she’s a piece of work that one is … wise beyond her years

    i already know what’s gonna happen … she’s gonna con dakota into not telling on her so she can go out, sneak out, go to parties … the whole nine yards … by doing his homework for him!!

    people leave their kids in the car out here all the time … makes me sick … how do you forget a kid?? i mean i lock the kids in the car all the time but that’s only because i assume they have already gotten out

  9. Linda said,

    My son sounds like Chelsie — physically 16 and mentally 55! Has Chelsie been tested for gifted?

  10. sexywhispers said,

    Ummm….I did this. My mother said that I was born 18 years old. Always way more comfortable with adults. Graduated high school at 15 years old…Masters degree by 24 years old. It does sound great. Like a parents dream. But, in fact, we loose lots of our childhood like that. We are way older than the kids, so we are pushed away or walk away. It burns out if you are not careful and a tendency to live alittle wilder because you dont think of yourself as a “normal” part of the group. Cant be hurt, cant do wrong. But…the pain is there. ~~Dee

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