Roe v. Wade

September 11, 2008 at 5:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Let me paint a picture for you.  If men were the ones to have babies, and it had always been this way, where do you think we would be regarding Roe v. Wade?  Abortion?  Men’s rights to their own bodies?

Do you think all the “strong faithed” people would care, because it’s a guy?

I’m just trying to prove a minute little point, believe me, it’s a tiny point.  Regardless of the abortion issue, just because it’s a woman’s right still gets alot of peoples “panties in a bunch”.

Can’t wait to see the answers and be nice, please!



  1. Skylers Dad said,

    What a women decides to do with her body is between her and her doctor. In my humble opinion, it’s “One dick, no vote” on this issue.

  2. Dr Zibbs said,

    Mmmm. Panties in a bunch

  3. Lori said,

    In this “Viiiiii-vaaaa, Viagra!” world, I firmly believe that abortion would certainly be legal if men were the ones who got pregnant.

    Such a double-standard.

  4. Nobody™ said,

    To the commenter above, Abortion IS legal…

    I’m tired of the whole abortion issue. The supreme court decided it, let’s move on.

  5. teri said,

    I agree with you Nobody but I wish others, like the politicians and very religious people could let it go.

  6. Finn said,

    The actual decision in Roe was that the right of privacy guaranteed by the constitution is broad enough to include a woman’s decision to end a pregnancy. It was never about abortion itself, it was about whether the government had a right to interfere with a woman’s medical decision.

    Interesting, no?

  7. Cinnkitty said,

    Sooo… what you are trying to get at is that the “Strong Faithed” people are more anti-woman than they are anti-man?? hmmm….?? Is that it? is it?? 😛

    (don’t look at me.. i’m about as religious as a palm tree)

  8. Teri said,

    Kitty – I don’t know. It just seems that woman get beat up and if they have the power to change something, people have strong opinions and you almost feel oppressed by their opinions, especially with the “strong faithed” folks. Calm down already, people. I wish they were so passionate about serial killers and genocide. Maybe we could lessen those killings with their passion and leave the innocent women alone.

  9. Fantastagirl said,

    When Viagra first came out on the market, insurance companies would cover the cost of the little blue magic pill, but not the birth control pill. It wasn’t until a few years ago, that they finally started covering that cost – why?

    to answer your question: if men were the ones getting pregnant – they not only would be easy to get, with no walking through a picket lines, there would be no need for the supreme court ruling, it would require an overnight stay in the hospital, and most likely 100% covered by insurance.

    It’s her body, her mind – let her make the decisions.

  10. Lori said,

    Whoops. Thanks Nobody, for pointing out my nonsensical post above. Obviously I’m still recovering from my whirlwind vacation!

    Teri, you understand what I was getting at, right?

  11. Bubbles said,

    Lori, I understood what you were getting at. Yes, abortion is legal, but not a guaranteed right to choose what to do with our bodies. There are troops out there that would like to change it, and if the current political party continues to be in power we need to worry.

    Teri, I absolutely agree. If men carried babies and delivered them abortion would be a no brainer (for them). It is about controlling women.

    My personal choice? Not the issue. A woman’s choice? Not my business – nor anyone else’s – including a supreme court justice, a senator, a governor…

    Funny thing. A man can father a child with his wife. He would be sickened by the thought of her choosing to NOT carry and deliver his child… HOWEVER, should she decide that he is not a good husband – or if he chooses that she is not a good wife… see how a HUGE percent of men feel about supporting their kids. All of the sudden it’s all about who is in control of the money that supports the kids — not about the kids at all. It is always about CONTROL.

  12. teri said,

    Ladies, you all said it perfectly. I don’t care about the deep, intellectuallness of it all. If it were men who had the right, we would never have issues with it.

    So all the people out there, leave it be and move on. Next issue………..

  13. Scarlet said,

    If men had babies, the divide between males/females would be COMPLETELY different from what it is now and would’ve been throughout history. Do you think the court of Henry the Eighth would have been the same if roles were reversed?

    The world would be different. So to get to a “Roe vs Wade” situation might not have happened OR it might have happened but the roles of all men and women reversed since civilisation occurred.

    I believe it would be the latter.

    Another discussion topic on a similiar thought would be “If women were stronger physically in society (e.g. like, say, the way we think the Amazonian women were.) Would society be the same as we know it. I agree with Bubbles, sadly it is about control.

    P.S. I submit the comments on the understanding that I regard BOTH sexes as equal. The discussion topic mentioned DOES NOT infer that I regard one inferior than the other.

  14. Teri said,

    Scarlet – you definitely have good points. I know the world would not be what it is today if what you mention above were in fact, truth. So many questions, so little time. : )

  15. Dick Small said,

    Abortion is the murder on an innocent baby. Nothing makes it right.

  16. coffeypot said,

    It is not an easy topic and who is to say what is really the right thing. I personally believe a woman has the right (hopefully with the blessing of the other half of the pregnancy issue – the biological father) to do with her body what ever she feels is right for her. I also believe that life begins at conception. But to abort, I don’t believe that it is murder because that life has no intelligence other than the natural biological need for embryo development, and I’m not even sure it has a soul or when the soul comes into bing – what ever that is. What I do strongly believe is that the government should have no say-so in the matter. If you believe in, or need to have, an abortion do it. If you don’t believe in it, don’t do it. But don’t try to force your opinions (pro or con) on others. But then, I am a man so what do I know.

  17. Teri said,

    Dick – I know your opinion on this and I respect it.

    Coffey, I agree. With the way abortion is these days, you have to have it done before the 3 month deadline. The baby can’t survive outside the woman’s womb at that point, so I think the government and everyone else should just leave it alone.

  18. Cayman said,

    To Dick Small – legally, a baby is not a baby until it is actually born. If a woman miscarries at ANY time during her pregnancy, a death certificate is not issued. You cannot murder someone that isn’t born yet.
    Now morally, that is a question that each person must make.

  19. sexywhispers said,

    I just want to hug you hard. The abortion issue is not over by a long shot. Three new Supreme Court justices will be benched this time. That is more than enough to cause the overturn of Roe v Wade. It is sad we are still fighting this fight. But then, your argument holds the same for me as does breast cancer. Would we still be fighting over breast cancer issues if more men got breast cancer? I mean, if the only option was to cut off their penis….would there even be a foundation? Ummm…no. There would be a cure!!~~Dee

  20. denisgaltymore said,

    There is still much disagreement as to when the soul enters the body. The logical (dirty word for fundamentalists) point of view is that this process takes place immediately prior to birth. If we are to believe that we are on this earth to learn and to grow closer to God, what could possibly be learned by a soul in the womb?

    As to men deciding what a woman can do with her body; this results for the belief by many christian women that they are subservient to their man and must defer to him on all decisions. They trace this backward way of thinking to a literal interpetation of the bible, a book that on its best day is an allegorical teaching tool.. Hence many men believe that this dominance gives them the right to make decisions for what a woman may do with her body. There is no place for this type of thinking in today’s world.

    Come to think of it, far too many of the greatest ill’s in our country, today, are the result of too damn much religion. I, for one, am tired of pious, pompass asses running around taking issue with those of us who don’t agree with what they think their God said.

    The founding fathers of our country wisely seperated church and state because they anticipated that this sort of religious fanaticism would occur. Now if only our modern day leaders had the courage to stand up to the pressure created by the religious right and tell it to pound sand.

    Thanx for letting me air my piece. Love u’r blog


  21. Sushiboy said,

    The question is if men were the ones having babies would abortion be such a big issue or would it be a non-issue (in favor that abortion would always be legal)? Really, who can say? Because it never has been that way and probably never will be. But it’s an interesting question, no doubt.

    I think it can be said that men can be a driving force of the reason there are so many abortions performed as a form of birth control. The man pressures someone to have sex, (sometimes on the fly not enough time for the pill or other forms to work) and they absolutely refuse to wear a condom. So the woman ends up pregnant with a baby she didn’t want and or anticipate. The man doesn’t care, he’s had his fun and at that point it isn’t his problem (Most men wouldn’t be such pigs, but lets face it, some men are pigs in the extreme). What are her options at that point? Adoption or Abortion or Raising the child (often with no help from the father). All three of the options are tough ones, and I don’t envy any woman in this spot. I personally think it is not the best option to end a life, why end the life unless it is has grave possibility of ending mine?

    But let me introduce another spin. If a man was saddled with the responsibility of a baby he didn’t want to take care of, because he carried and birthed it? Would he then still choose to initiate and pressure someone into irresponsible sex? Probably not. Abortion in that case may rarely if ever be an issue. Who would want to go get surgery when you could just put on a piece of latex instead?

    Why does birth control always have to be the woman’s responsibility? I think more of us guys need to step up and do the right thing(s) and then not as many women would be put in the position of having to make that hard hard decision. But the guys guilty of this kind of behavior probably wouldn’t bother to even read this, so I’m probably wasting my breath.

    But it does take two to do the deed. The man can pressure, but the woman can say no, it is her body after all. If it isn’t consensual (or if it is heavily coerced) it is rape, most people who think abortion is morally wrong, myself included, make an exception for rape. The rapist should go to jail for a very very long time and the victim should be free to do what she needs to do to heal.

    Regarding Sexy Whispers – I couldn’t disagree more. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up dying from the spread of it. The medical professionals were never condescending to her because she was a woman fighting breast cancer, they provided her with the best most up to date, merciful care. Cancer is a terrible disease, and while mom was sick I met the most courageous smart people in the world who had dedicated their entire lives to fighting it. They want to stop the suffering of women, children and men alike. And it really isn’t very kind or fair or just to pass difficulty off their life work (which they haven’t succeeded in curing as of yet) as sexist laziness.

    To suggest that breast cancer hasn’t been solved because men don’t get it as often, is to suggest that women are somehow unable/incapable to participate in it even if men are unwilling to participate. (Not TRUE, and whats up with that kind of statement? not all men are pigs) There is nothing in this country to stop a women from going into cancer research. And the female gender is just as capable, smart and dedicated as males. To suggest that breast cancer hasn’t been solved just because the men don’t want to do it, dissempowers your own gender. It is completely counterproductive.

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