What were you doing on May 25, 1986?

October 4, 2008 at 2:54 pm (George, NJ stuff, Philly stuff, US History)

….Me and Tina (and some of our friends) were at “Hands Across America“.  (photo sent by George)



  1. Dr Zibbs said,

    I haven’t thought of that in ages.

  2. skylers dad said,

    I don’t remember what I was doing that day, but I think it involved having a beer.

  3. metalmom said,

    Not much has changed, has it? Even the Art Museum is the same.

  4. Dee said,

    Geeez!!~~it was an epidemic! I was a sweater vester too honey….thank God we grew out of it !! ~~Dee

  5. Special K said,

    My hair feathered just looking at this photo.

  6. superwoman said,

    Um, I would have been 9, so I was probably in school.

  7. coffeypot said,

    Cool! Which one are you?

    May 26, 1986? Let’s see! I came home from work and cut the grass (it had rained over the weekend) then went inside for a glass of tea before supper (we have supper in the South. Dinner is at noon.) Showered and watched television; gave Sweet Tea a little ‘pickle tickle’ and went to sleep.

  8. Lori said,

    I too was doing HAA, on MacDade Boulevard in Ridley!

    What an IDIOTIC event that was. I can’t even remember what the whole point of it was.

    I was also 9 years old. Sorry. 🙂

  9. thatgirl said,

    SERIOUSLY!! do you have to keep posting these wretched pictures of me!! lol!!! you can hardly tell that the sides of my head are shaved!! stupid stupid stupid!!!

  10. cinnkitty said,

    Ahhh… the 80’s!!! gotta love it. Let’s see.. I was just passing beyond the threshold of being a Freshman and looking forward to being a Sophomore… that is, until my mother decided to move in with yet another new guy, yank me out of my school and start me all over in some BFE po’dunk crap ass town where I never fit in and I hated life.

    Oh yeah, those were the times. 😀

  11. mixednut said,

    I swear I don’t remember. Now can you get that lamp out of my face?

  12. Linda said,

    I have no idea what I was doing, except that I don’t think it was Hands Across America. I had been married just under a year, and it was my fifth month living in Pennsylvania. I might have had a temp job at the time.

    Wow, does that seem like a long time ago!

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