Mischief night antics

October 30, 2008 at 8:50 pm (holidays, neighbors)

As I was taking my nightly walk, through the few streets in my neighborhood, I noticed a large group of kids, between the ages of about 8-10.  As I walked closer, they crossed the street and promptly started to toilet paper a house.  They were the loudest group of mischief makers I’ve ever heard.  As I drew closer, I thought to myself “are they by themselves or is an adult with them”?  I noticed one to two adults with the group.  I thought it was hysterical that this group of kids was making mischief, with an adult, for supervision.  As I continued down the street, I noticed bits of toilet paper littering the sidewalk and occasional front yard.  The next street I went down there were more houses that were doused with toilet paper.  This time I wondered, “do the kids know the people at these houses or are they random”?  It was really funny hearing them making tons of noise one street over and as I continued down the block, to see various houses with toilet paper hanging off bushes, on the sidewalk and front porches.  I don’t know how the homeowners didn’t notice this group of kids.  I’m telling you, they were the noisiest bunch of rugrats I’ve ever heard.

I thought it was great that they were having such a great time at their mischief but they were doing no harm.

What’s going on in your neighborhood?



  1. Duck of Happiness said,

    I remember in 7th grade I got invited to a party with the ‘cool kids’. This was huge because I was a huge dork and was traumatized every day at lunch when no one would sit with me.

    They suggested toilet papering a house, and because I was so desperate to fit in, I suggested my own.

    My poor parents. They laughed it off, but I still feel guilty.

  2. mixednut said,

    The Depends are hanging from the trees over here.

  3. metalmom said,

    I let the dog poop all over someone’s lawn.

    It was MY lawn, but he don’t know that.

  4. Dr Zibbs said,

    Some kids switched up all of the political signs in our neighborhood.

  5. Finn said,

    Not much. Our kids are mostly too little for mischief, even parently supervised mischief.

  6. Dick Small said,

    Nothing happened last night. tonight’s the night. i’ll probably get my mailbox filled with shaving cream and someone will knock on my door and run away…
    those little bastards..

  7. joe said,

    What’s going on in my neighborhood??? My house got egged. That’s what’s going on in my neighborhood.

  8. thatgirl said,

    that’s actually funny! i have never seen parents take their kids out on mischief night … hell … no one here even does anything … i think it’s an east coast/mid west thing more

  9. cinnkitty said,

    I saw a group of teenagers in Kroger at midnight — buying 3 CASES of eggs. Yeah, they were up to no good! 😉

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