Caption this

November 6, 2008 at 8:09 pm (wild animals)

I found this in my Wegman’s bag when I got home….




  1. Sushiboy said,

    Well there is the obvious, “Who is going to let the cat out of the bag” or “Curiosity Killed the cat”

    “Wegman’s bags are for pussies.”
    “The first essential rule for secret keeping is getting a bag that will hold a cat comfortably.”
    “Burlap Sack races are so White Trash, anyone who is anybody races a Wegman”

    Ugh, I’ll stop there.

  2. mixednut said,

    “Shitter’s full.”

  3. teri said,

    MN, you always crack me up.

    Sushiboy, I know you could go on forever with these. You miss Dr. Mom, don’t you?

  4. Sushiboy said,

    I miss Dr. Mom’s caption contests and Zeds Wednesday Parties. Those were the best times I’ve ever had blogging.

  5. mixednut said,

    Teri & Sushi – Any chance we can get either of them out of retirement?

  6. teri said,

    MN, I think it might take an act of God.

  7. sexywhispers said,

    And…to think….all I ever get in my Wegmans bag is cheetos! I never can figure out how those damn cheetos keep following me home!!! ~~Dee

  8. Sushiboy said,

    I don’t just miss the events, I hope it goes without saying that Zed and Dr. Mom are what made those events so fun.

    I’d love to see them come out of retirement, Sigh, I don’t think its going to happen anytime soon, if at all.

  9. Scarlet said,

    “Come on puss puss, we’re going down to the creek!”

  10. Scarlet said,

    “Where’s the receipt? I ordered the ORANGE tabby!”

  11. Scarlet said,

    “OK. Who ordered chinese?!? The side of rice is missing but the main is here.”

  12. Just Dave said,

    “Crap! I just laid down for a nap in the store and now look where I am”

  13. coffeypot said,

    A bag that attracks pussies!!! Where can I get one?

  14. Teri said,

    Coffeypot – Supposedly, Wegmans sells them.

  15. Jen said,

    “I’m getting the HELL OUT OF HERE”

    you should by him the expensive food teri..
    he’s obviously unhappy with the living situation..

    just sayin’


  16. cheer34 said,

    UUUGGGHHHH wegmans…not my favorite place to shop…..I live in the town where Wegmans headquarters are…..this is a company that will “borrow” and idea from a small business and put the small business out of business…Wegmans is also offering less and less name brand goods while increasing the Wegmans private label brand…..It is my understanding that most of the Wegmans brand comes form Canada too….(this could be a rumor but check the labels). Becasue Wegmans has gone mostly private label here I have found other places to shop. Which is really a good thing. I spend most of my dollars at smaller business and enjoy going to the public market saturday mornings. Wegmans does a fantastic job with ambience but not prices. There is no competion here so Wegmans can do what they want. Uggghhh I really do not like that company

  17. Catherinette said,

    Wegmans: Now Offering Fresh Chinese Food!!

  18. Scarlet said,

    I hate cooking chinese at home. So many ingredients to prepare.

  19. teri said,

    Well, according to Catherinette, there is only one ingredient for chinese food, so you might start making it more, Scarlet.

  20. anne said,

    love it!!!!

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