It’s dropping at a fast rate

November 8, 2008 at 5:49 pm (car issues, life issues)

I passed the gas station yesterday.  Gas was $2.11 per gallon.  Back in March, it was $3.80.  What’s going on, can someone explain?  Do you think it will ever be under $2.00, again?



  1. SkippyMom said,

    I voted under $2.00. It JUST hit $1.98 about 30 miles from us, which is the harbinger for the price it will tomorrow at our gas station across the street.

    Exciting, isn’t it?

  2. Dr Zibbs said,

    I think we’ll get under $2

  3. Special K said,

    I’m betting it will go down to 1.929

  4. Libragirl said,

    The new Sam’s by me, if you are a member, it’s 2$ a gallon. The Wawa, by exit 3 of the turnpike, was 2.20 cash and credit – same price.

  5. Nobody™ said,

    $1.95. I predict in 4 years it will be close to $10.00

  6. superwoman said,

    I am seeing 2.25 pretty consistently, pretty good since Utah seems to be 4th highest in the nation no matter what (it’s stupid, we manufacture gas for heavens sake). I truly hope it will drop below 2.00 but I sadly have to agree with nobody, I think it will head right back up soon.

  7. teri said,

    Superwoman – it’s weird because Jersey is one of the cheapest for gas prices. I saw a gas station, down the road, and the gas was going for $1.99. That’s the lowest I’ve seen, so far.

  8. teri said,

    I agree with Nobody, as well. I think it will go up just as fast as it went down. It’s just how low it’s going, that surprises me.

  9. coffeypot said,

    It dropped to $1.95 last night. Clark Howard, a radio money saving talk show guru, claims it will be down to $1.75 by Thanksgiving. I’ll be thankful for that.

  10. teri said,

    Coffeypot – If we were allowed to take gas cans, fill up as many as we could and take them home for future use? I would do this in a heartbeat. Who knows when or if this will ever happen again.

  11. Slick said,

    1.95 here in Georgia!! 🙂

  12. cinnkitty said,

    I paid $1.95 in Tennessee and Georgia this past weekend.

  13. mixednut said,

    Still around the $2.50 mark here in So Cal. I would love to see it under $2.00 again.

  14. Just Dave said,

    A buck eighty-seven at one place here in Parker, CO. At this rate, OPEC members will have to learn to live on $10 million a day.

  15. thatgirl said,

    i still don’t understand how gas can be cheaper in jersey when pumping your own gas is not allowed … someone please explain

    this morning when i drove by the cobblestone (actual station is chevron i think) reg unleaded was $2.29 but that station is about 10 miles from my house, the chevron that is a mile from my house is $2.45 … go figure … that guy rapes everyone on everything

    why can’t i just ride my bike like a good little wicked witch!!

  16. teri said,

    Tina, I’ve never understood why we have the cheapest gas but with the whole “you can’t pump your own gas” thing. I’m too worried about my skyrocketing property taxes and car insurance………..

  17. Trukindog said,

    Yep Nobody hit the nail on the head.

  18. cheer34 said,

    We are still at 2.49…..thanks for the taxes NewYork State

  19. teri said,

    We’ve gotten under $2.00 since I’ve posted this. Amazing. I just hope it lasts for awhile.

  20. Catherinette said,

    Guess what, sister? It’s at $1.99 here in B-more! I nearly fell out of the passenger seat of Disney’s car when I saw the price. I think I called 10 people to share the happy news.

  21. Just Dave said,

    Another landmark crossed last night – $1.77 at the cheapo station. The line of cars is out in the street.

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