Crossing the line

November 15, 2008 at 7:55 pm (Choice, personal opinions, politics)

equalityWhenever we have a Presidental election, there are so many topics that come up for us to vote on, discuss and demonstrate against. There are some personal topics that always come up that infuriate me that anyone has a right to vote on at all. I often wonder why we try to impose our beliefs on everyone who is different from what we believe.

Just because I believe in something specific doesn’t mean I should get the chance to vote against it, like gay marriage. Just because I believe in something, doesn’t mean the government has a right to put it on the ballot. Why can’t we just accept that everyone is different. Everyone has different religious beliefs, if any. There are people that don’t love the opposite sex, like I do. There are people who believe that their bodies are their own and not the property of others, especially the government.

If you believe that abortion should be illegal, fine but don’t impose your belief on me. If you believe that gays should not marry, fine but don’t have it on the ballot and don’t vote against me marrying just because I’m gay. If you believe that everyone should believe in God, fine but don’t impose your religious beliefs on me. Do you want to have a healthy discussion about these topics with different people? Great, do it. But remember, your belief is not everyone’s belief.

We all have free will and have different beliefs. I don’t ever want to vote against someone wanting to marry the love of their life just cause they are gay. I don’t ever want to vote against a gay couple who want children. I don’t want to tell someone that they can’t have an abortion just because I don’t believe in it. Let’s keep politics and personal opinions out of each other’s homes.



  1. Some Guy said,

    I have no doubt that gay marriage will be completely mainstream one day. How soon remains to be seen. It’s a shame this sort of bigotry seems to be in control at the moment.

  2. Sky Dad said,

    It sure seems like the right wing want a lot less government in our lives, except when it comes to telling us what we can do with our bodies and who we can marry…

  3. coffeypot said,

    Well said, sweetie. I am a Republican, but not a good one. I believe that a woman has the ultimate decision on what she does with her body, not the Government, and I believe that love is hard enough to find – and hang on to – and if one finds that love in the same sex, it CAN’T be wrong. But I also believe in SMALL Government and LOW Taxes, and the USA without Socialism.

  4. thatgirl said,

    i don’t think anyone should label themselves democrat, republican, liberal, gay, straight … it’s too confining

    there are things on both sides of the fence that i agree and disagree with … the ability to choose who i marry, if that ever happens again

    they tried passing a bill or something here in AZ stating that if you didn’t vote for or against, your vote was counted as an against … the total opposite of what our entire society is based on … it of course did not pass

  5. cinnkitty said,

    the thing is — politics are ALL about opinions. I mean, it’s someone’s opinion that everyone should wear their seatbelt or motorcycle helmet and now we have laws passed to force everyone to do so. It’s the people with the biggest backing and the most money that get to have their opinions turned into law. Makes it pretty tough to battle, you know?

    I’m ALL about what you say though. I may or may not agree with your points, but hey, it doesn’t harm ME one bit if gays want to marry so why should I oppose it? Live and let live, right??

  6. Teri said,

    Kitty, I’m constantly thinking about that “fine line” and where it should end but I agree with you. The one with the most money and connections, wins.

  7. Linda said,

    Teri, you’ve been reading my mind.

    Well said!

  8. Just Dave said,

    A religious organization south of here has decided that no one should shop at stores that have advertising that uses the phrase, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. That will help the economy, right. Talk about ridiculous. Focus on your own damn family, jerks.

  9. Sushiboy said,

    I won’t stop your abortion, but I shouldn’t have to pay for it either. It costs anywhere from $200 to $1000 for an abortion. A condom costs less than a buck, other methods aren’t too expensive either. I won’t stop your abortion. I’ll butt out, but you should keep your fingers out of my wallet. If I’m forced to fork the cash over for the birth control of someone else, let me buy a entire crate of condoms for the price of one abortion. That’s a whole lot of sex on my bill. An abortion just isn’t effective way to waste my hard earned cash. If a women landed herself in a tough spot, I shouldn’t have be compelled to find way to to insulate her from here own stupid choice. She has the right to choose and the responsibility to fund her own choice on how to deal with it, if you believe strongly in abortion, YOU FUND IT. A gay man or woman shouldn’t have to fund a constitutional amendment they disagree with, and I shouldn’t have to fund an abortion. I’ll continue have my nose in this issue while society continues to have their fingers in my wallet. I don’t believe it is the roll of government to bail people out of stupid decisions. Whether they be CEO’s of companies with a bad business plan or people that bought a home that was bigger than they can afford or unwanted babies. I shouldn’t have to foot the bill for any of that. If you see that as limiting a woman’s choice, so be it. But by natural consequences. The government shouldn’t step in and give people a free ride. There is NO FREE ride, and as long as I am compelled against my will to fund abortions, I’ll have my nose in that issue trying to get my wallet back. Thank you very much.

    Adoption same story. A mother has a right to choose who raise her child and have a say in how that should be done. I don’t want to vote and say a gay couple can’t adopt. I will vote to say a gay couple cannot force a private agency to adopt to them. The agency represents the mothers will, the mothers right to choose. If she wants her child to be raised in household with a male father and a female mother, that is HER RIGHT. If a women has a right to kill her offspring, then she certainly doesn’t lose the right to do what she thinks is best when they are born. She has every right to try to give that child the best life she thinks possible. Her idea of best, not yours. When laws infringe on her right to choose, I feel every right to stick my nose in and defend her and her RIGHT TO CHOICE. If she uses her choice to specify a gay couple raise her child I have an obligation to butt out and let her do her thing. You should do the same, if she makes the decision that it should go to a heterosexual couple. Unlike Ma. did in 2006. I’ll stick my nose in to defend others rights. Didn’t you say a man should have no right to interfere with a woman’s right? What gives a gay man or women to interfere with that same right of a women after the baby is born? I’ll stick my nose in there to defend a woman’s right. Just cause you want a baby doesn’t mean you can take the baby from someone against their will, that is kidnapping, not adoption.

    Its a two way street. Practice what you preach.

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