Leaves are everywhere

November 17, 2008 at 7:08 pm (garden, house issues, misc)

Why do people make a face at me when I tell them I’m “blowing leaves” over the weekend.  And it has nothing to do with sex, believe me.  My coworkers always give me a look and ask “why are you blowing the leaves, why not rake”.  Is it me or am I the only person with a leaf blower?  I enjoy my muscles and I’m getting old so I blow the leaves instead of rake.  Plus it takes me less time and energy.  As it was, the three hours that it took me on Saturday made my lower back hurt so bad that it felt like it was going to snap in half.

This is my chore each weekend, the leaves.  Luckily the township comes to my street each Wednesday, from mid October to mid December, and sucks up all the leaves that are at the curb.

The picture below isn’t mine but it accurately depicts the leaves that I get just from my backyard.  This doesn’t include the concrete patio at the back of my house or my driveway/front garden area.




  1. Catherinette said,

    Raking totally sucks. I’d much rather blow Leaves. Who ever Leaves is.

  2. metalmom said,

    I hate the leaf deal!! I kinda like raking…..just half. Then my arms and back hurt and I’ve got a blister..wah wah wah… I like that when I stop, I’m sweating my ass off (really!) I also have a leaf blower so after I get tired, I’ll use that. My yards are just too big!

  3. Rhea said,

    It’s the noise. I hate the noise.

  4. Just Dave said,

    1. Get a strap to hold the blower over one shoulder. This will help with the strain.
    2. Build yourself a little compost pile in the back yard. You just need some posts and wire netting. Put the leaves in there, wet and turn them from time to time and you will have some of the best topsoil you can get for free. And you are helping to save the planet by conserving landfill space.

  5. Philly said,

    I hate fucking leaves. I hate when its raining outside and all the leaves get stuck on the bottom of everyone’s shoes. Then they all proceed to walk throught the house. Wet leaves everywhere! And do they clean them up? Fuck no !!
    Whewww, I feel better.

    Don’t have a blower, but my lawn service does. I watch.


  6. cinnkitty said,

    I was JUST lamenting the fact that I don’t have a leaf mulcher this weekend! How sick are we?? ha..ha.ha…

  7. Teri said,

    Dave, my neighbor does this. He doesn’t like too many leaves, though. He thinks it’s best with leaves, grass and other trimmings. I don’t want to seem like I’m copying, do I?

    Philly, I agree with you. Wet leaves, SUCK. Luckily when I come in my back door it’s straight into the kitchen with its tile floor.

    Kitty – Ohhhhhh, a mulcher……….

  8. Teri said,

    Rhea, my coworker says the same thing.

  9. superwoman said,

    I just raked our leaves today for TWO HOURS. I didn’t even bag them, I just raked them into the flowerbeds because, like you, I see it as free topsoil and our soil in our flowerbeds sucks. I have a blister though and I am tired. At least it’s done.

  10. Scarlet said,

    hehehehehe what a nice fire that would make……oh, um, tablet time

    Back soon

  11. mixednut said,

    Can you come over and blow mine? 🙂

  12. Dick Small said,

    You don’t use a rake????

  13. Teri said,

    For some parts, Dick.

    Blow your what, MN? Your part of California doesn’t have a leaf problem, do they?

  14. mixednut said,

    Leaf problem? ?? Oh… yes! Yes we do!

  15. Linda said,

    I was going to post a normal comment, but now I’d rather know what part of MN you’re going to blow.

  16. thatgirl said,

    OMG!!! do you people realize how bad leaf blowers are for our environment … the exhaust alone is terrible … the dust and funk they they put into the air after blowing the leaves is a nightmare!!

  17. thatgirl said,

    … sorry … stepping down off my soapbox

  18. it ain’t easy being green « prissy not girly said,

    […] it also makes you get the impact of all the crap we use … i.e. teri and her leaf blower […]

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