Web hosting

November 22, 2008 at 2:53 pm (computer problems, family tree, genealogy)

I have some personal webpages for my family trees.  I have a page for each branch, for each part of my family, that I’ve been researching.  I also have a page that has a list of other researchers, who are researching this same family, with their email addresses and specific branches.

I’ve had web hosting from a part of AOL since I signed up back in 1997.  Recently, probably the past week or two, this part of the web hosting shut down and now I have to find new hosting.  I won’t have a problem finding some free, genealogy hosting but it’s the point of AOL not communicating this somewhere on their main page and the fact that I’ve had these sites for years and they are linked across the internet for research and contact purposes.

This is also the reason why I have NOT changed my email address since 1997, as well.

Thanks, AOL!


I hung a bird feeder today.  On a plant hanger, that stakes into the ground.  It must not have been far enough away from the fence because the squirrels got it, broke the handle and knocked it down.

Time it took for this to happen:  1 hour

Next time I’ll pick a spot where there is nothing to jump from.  Stupid squirrels.



  1. Dr Zibbs said,

    Squirrels are my enemy

  2. Skylers Dad said,

    Squirrels are like high stakes bank robbers in their ability to hang upside down, suspend themselves from all forms of apparatus in order to get to their loot!

  3. thatgirl said,

    screw AOL! godaddy.com is pretty cheap and you can come up with your own domain and even email i think … just something to think about

    as for the squirrel …. i got nothin!!

  4. Nobody™ said,

    Cheap, but good.

  5. cheer34 said,

    the squirrels will climb the post ….you might need the wire netting that stop them from climbing to the feeder…..aol drives me nuts…. I have had my email with aol since the early 90’s

  6. Just Dave said,

    AOL does now and has always sucked. They cannot seem to understand the need for customer service.

    If squirrels didn’t have those cute fluffy tails, we would treat them like rats. Outside of picking them off with a .22, I have no suggestions.

  7. Jen said,

    squirrels gotta eat too..

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