Thanksgiving travesties

November 24, 2008 at 5:55 pm (food)

I know you people won’t believe this but I HATE stuffing.  Every time I tell someone this, they make a face at me like I’m an alien from another planet.

What food is your least favorite but might be a staple at the Thanksgiving table?turkey_apricot_stuffing4



  1. Some Guy said,

    I’m a terrible person to ask because I don’t like a lot of stuff that most people love (i.e. mashed potatoes). Stuffing is one of the few things I do like.

  2. Dr Zibbs said,

    I swear it said Thanksgiving “Transvestites” at first.

  3. Sushiboy said,

    Around my house not many people like the turkey, I don’t really care for white meat, I’m always the weirdo downing the dark meat.

    On our first thanksgiving together superwoman had to work. Since I was doing the cooking I made up a ham instead of a turkey, a lot less work and Superwoman is not a fan roast turkey, the tradition has stuck. Whenever Superwoman and I end up doing the hosting we make a ham.

    (I’ve had a couple of scary stuffing experiences, but generally its one of my favorite things on the table)

  4. Jen said,

    I don’t like cranberry anything..

    and I find Gravy revolting..!

    Teri, what time should I come over on Thursday?
    I made stuffing,,,

  5. Skylers Dad said,

    I don’t like most types of pie, and I really hate Pumpkin. People brand me a terrorist…

  6. mixednut said,

    Can’t think of anything I don’t like at Thanksgiving. Stuffing from the bird is the best!

  7. Finn said,

    Cranberry sauce. Blech. And anything with raisins in it. They’re like little bugs in my food. Meh.

  8. Libragirl said,

    I don’t like
    cranberry sauce
    i eat potatos

  9. Libragirl said,

    I don’t like pie either

  10. superwoman said,

    I really don’t like turkey, mabey I’ve never had a good one? I don’t know, I like stuffing as long as it’s not my great aunt’s stuffing. She puts the gibblets in the stuffing. Disgusting. You just throw those things away, we don’t want to eat them. Another tradition my family has is this shrimp salad stuff that makes me want to puke, that’s a tradition that can die, as well as the cranberry salad. But I do like stove top stuffing and pretty much everything else.

  11. Linda said,

    My least favorite part is the turkey!

    It’s okay, but I still occasionally threaten to make a Thanksgiving dinner of the REALLY important things: Stuffing (sorry, Teri), cranberry sauce and butternut squash!


  12. coffeypot said,

    I thing maybe roasted rat or opossum on the half shell (armadillo) would be at the top of the list. But most everything else at the table is pretty good. But there must be sweet ice tea or the meal is ruined. I tried a glass of water one time and it just didn’t get it. Have a happy Thanksgiving, sweetie.

  13. metalmom said,

    I like my cranberry sauce to come from the can. My SIL goes to great lengths to make hers fresh with the orange zest and raisins and stuff but I really hate it. Everyone else says it’s wonderful.

  14. Just Dave said,

    Joe McCarthy swore I was a communist when he found out I hated sweet potatoes. YUK.

  15. Special K said,

    I hate pumpkin pie

  16. Nobody™ said,

    I don’t like turkey. This year we are having both ham and turkey, and I couldn’t be happier!

  17. thatgirl said,

    omg!!! all you people are making me hungry!!

    i’m not a big turkey person, NO NO NO cranberry sauce and stove top chemically made stuffing is … as the little man in my life says … .the bomb diggity!!

    batman … help … i … can … resist … i … must … go … have … snacks … now!!!

  18. thatgirl said,

    now i have to go downstairs and make sweet iced tea!! damn you coffeypot!!

    oh and by the way …. super extra large eggnog latte from starbucks will be my drink of choice after dinner thursday (if i can find one that’s open) … i’m salivating just thinking about it!!

  19. Sans Pantaloons said,

    I will eat pretty much anything except celery. Have a good Thanksgiving Teri.

  20. Dick Small said,

    Pearl onions. I hate pearl onions. There, i said it.

  21. Cayman said,

    Homemade cranberry sauce. Give me the canned version!

  22. Trukindog said,

    cranberry sauce GAG !

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