Holy movie magic, Batman!

November 29, 2008 at 8:40 pm (movies)

If you have not seen the “Illusionist“, with Ed Norton, please run out this very minute and rent it.  Teri gives this movie two big thumbs up and an A++++.




  1. Just Dave said,

    Yep, saw it a while back. Pretty good flick.

  2. Philly said,

    I loved this movie

  3. Marni said,

    Loved it!!!

  4. Skylers Dad said,

    We hardly ever get to see movies anymore! Whaaaaaa!

  5. DrZibbs said,

    That was a pretty good movie

  6. metalmom said,

    I love the twist in the end. Very good!!

  7. Slick said,

    You’re like the 3rd person who has told me to go get this movie…..

    I’ll break soon. 🙂

  8. Catherinette said,

    Yay! What a fun movie to review. I saw it in the theatre and freaking LOVED it!! It’s gold, I tell you, GOLD!

  9. thatgirl said,

    ok it was good but it wasn’t THAT good!!

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