Computer woes, no more?

December 14, 2008 at 9:08 pm (bloggers, computer love, computer problems, holidays)

sick-computerI know you all have been wondering how my computer is coming along.

I bought a 320 gb hard drive to go along with my 30 gb hard drive.  I’m having someone put it in because I can NOT for the life of me, figure it out and I don’t want to screw it up.

I phoned Dell the other night, regarding my computer not being able to read  my external drive, and the Tech guy told me he thinks it’s an XP problem.  This would make sense considering I bought another external hard drive and my computer could still NOT see it.

So, after the new hard drive gets installed, I will take my external drive to my friends and transfer my files to my memory stick and reload onto the new internal drive.  Hopefully this will work and I won’t run into any snags.

On that note, who wants a Christmas card from me this year?  Since all of my blogger addresses are on my external drive and until I can get to them, email me with your address.  My email address is over there, under “about”.



  1. joe said,

    If I could figure out what any of that wordage meant, i might be of assistance…

  2. cinnkitty said,

    Dell is evil. 😉 But then, computer problems are sooooo troublesome no matter what. Good luck!

  3. thatgirl said,

    i would like a christmas card … oh wait … nevermind … tee hee hee!!!

  4. metalmom said,

    I know where you live!! I’ll be stalking you!

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