December 23, 2008 at 12:43 pm (life issues, US History)

Going, Going, Gone?

The landscape of America is constantly changing. As culture shifts and new technologies and products are introduced, this is to be expected. But some things are impacted more than others and the once-ubiquitous can even become extinct.

WalletPop takes a look at 25 such things that are quickly disappearing from our country. From honey bees to checks to bowling alleys to incandescent light bulbs, we count down 25 things you may not be able to find in the U.S. for very much longer.

I don’t know about some of you but I still use a few of these items (in red).

25.  Pit Toilet (outhouse)

24. Yellow Pages

23.  Classified Ads

22.  Movie Rental Stores

21.  Dial-up internet access

20.  Phone landlines

19.  Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs

18.  VCRs

17.  Ash Trees

16.  Ham radio

15.  The swimming hole

14.  Answering machines

13.  Cameras that use film

12.  Incandescent Bulbs

11.  Stand-alone bowling alleys

10.  The milkman

9.  Hand written letters

8.  Wild horses

7.  Personal checks

6.  Drive-in theaters

5.  Mumps and measles

4.  Honey bees

3.  News Magazines and TV News

2.  Analog TV

1.  The Family Farm



  1. Just Dave said,

    As long as there are people who love primitve camping, there will be pit toilets. Honeybees? Give me a break.

  2. DrZibbs said,

    I really hope blue crabs don’t go away.

  3. Skylers Dad said,

    Come on Teri, I have heard that you “use” the milkman on occasion… ;^)

  4. Sushiboy said,

    I don’t know if I can ever see HAM radio dying. Its a badge of honor for nerds everywhere to have a license. Unless nerds die out, and that WOULD be a tragedy!

  5. superwoman said,

    I guess we’re old fashioned, because we still use a lot of those things. I am surprised to NOT see pay phones on there.

  6. Phil said,

    interestingly enough, Polaroid just filed for bankruptcy. again.

  7. Phil said,

    And another thought. I was reading on another site, not my own so I won’t be giving out the link here, that when you are typing at your keyboard you are not as creative as you would be with a pen or pencil in hand. Opens up different parts of your brain.


  8. Nobody™ said,

    I have two Ash trees in my yard, and there are dozens of them on the property at work. Have an answering machine on my landline (voice mail isn’t even available here). I spent today on the family farm. And I just bought a brand new ham radio over the summer, and have two of them just in my truck. Here’s the unbelievable one, but it’s true; A new drive-in theater opened up just outside of my old hometown. I’ve never been to one, but I plan to go next summer.

  9. joe said,

    Please fill me in as to what a “Stand-alone bowling alley” is. I’ve been around 41 years and have never heard of such a thing.

  10. thatgirl said,

    i’m killing the landline and the answering machine … i don’t see a point really when every person in this house also has a cell phone

    as for personal checks … i only use them for the kids lunches .. their school has an online thing but it only accepts mastercard and my debit card is a visa, go figure

    and i think nobody is on to something … there used to be only one or two drive in’s here in the phoenix area and i have heard that they recently opened another, however, i cannot confirm nor deny

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