Do you know what’s weird?

January 26, 2009 at 11:15 pm (Tina)

Knowing your sister is friends with one of your ex-boyfriends on Facebook.  And that he sometimes comments on her status.

Very weird but honestly, funny!



  1. realfoodlover said,

    I can understand that. Commenting on the web can look quite intimate sometimes (especially with photos etc)! But I imagine he still feels connected to his old life with you and this is a way of keeping the link, one step removed. But carry on monitoring his comments – he has got to keep a respectful distance…!

  2. N said,

    just dropping by to say hi! (at 4:30 on night shift) i have a lot of catch-up reading to do!

  3. realfoodlover said,

    Ah! it’s 10.30am here in UK! Good luck with night shit!

  4. realfoodlover said,

    Gosh – that really was a genuine typo. I meant night shift.

    Sorry for accidental swearing!

  5. Cinnkitty said,

    Such a SMALL world.. ha..ha.ha…

  6. metalmom said,

    He still wants you. Everybody wants you. LOL

  7. Linda said,

    It’s a little weird, but then again, he is probably pining away for you miserably and feels closer to you just by sharing cyberspace…

    Isn’t the Internet wonderful? Not only can we break up with people, but we can delete them and unfriend them! 🙂

  8. thatgirl said,

    hahahahaha!!! seriously?? you think that’s weird … what am i doing in 14 days?? who am i going to see and spend a (hopefully) terribly romantic weekend with?? the ex boyfriend that i haven’t seen since i was 18!!! yes, that’s right … 20 years ago!! now that, my sister, is fucking weird!!

  9. cheer34 said,

    what kind of comments?…………

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