It’s official: I’ve become the other generation

February 11, 2009 at 10:02 pm (life issues, personal opinions, work related)

There is a 23 year, male who works in my office.  He knows how old I am old-ladybecause his stepmother is the same age.  He is a really nice guy but there are things that he says to me that make me want to hit him:

  1. Anything to do with technology that I don’t know about, it’s because I’m old.
  2. Any various food items that I don’t know about, it’s because I’m old.
  3. Any type of moral/value difference, it’s because I’m of the older generation and I need to get more “hip” with the new times.
  4. Anything to do with oral sex is NOT sex.  This is the consensus of the young folks, these days  (courtesy of Kitty)

These make me want to pick up my walker, wave it in the air like an old, crazy lady and yell “you young whipper snapper…..”.


My friends, 28 year old son told her the other day that it was perfectly fine to be out with someone and if their cell phone goes off 100 times with calls and text messages that it is okay to answer each and every one because “that’s the way it’s done these days”.  It’s not rude, it’s being connected and hip.

F* that, is what I have to say.  It’s rude, beyond rude.

Now where’s my walker……..



  1. Cinnkitty said,

    Yeah well.. that generation ALSO doesn’t think that oral sex counts as “Sex”. Huh?? I’ve yet to figure that one out…. umm…it’s has “sex” in the phrase..but it doesn’t count. Hmmm…fascinating.

  2. Skylers Dad said,

    Beat him with your walker, then trap him in his cube and bore him to death with the old days of changing the channel with a knob on the TV.

    Finish with an in-depth discussion of the merits of 8-tracks over albums.

  3. Sushiboy said,

    Cell phone calls on a date was a no no. There was more than one first date that never turned into a second due to the cell phone.
    “Get off my Lawn!”

  4. Linda said,

    Grab that walker! Use the Force, Teri!!

    You can totally take that baby! 🙂

  5. DrZibbs said,

    Join the club Granny. I feel the same as you.

  6. metalmom said,

    I’ll have to ask Babygirl what she thinks of oral sex. After all, she’s 17 and he’s almost 18 and *whimper* Why’d you have to remind of this??

    You know, I was just…..hang on a second….I have a text….

  7. cheer34 said,

    oral sex here is still sex…according to my 22 and21 year olds……..Double G broke up with his girl of 4 years…he has been attempting to “date”……complaining all the time about how different it is now … when he was in high school……..the 18 year old he is pursuing )agianst my advice)…….does not call……only TEXTS……he at 21 is having a hard time with it……..Double G is incredulous (sp?) that the about to be woman will not communicate via telephone or face to face……only text……

  8. bubbles said,

    I’m with you, Teri! Maybe you could forget to put your car in ‘Park’ some day in the parking lot at work. That’ll show him!

    If you decide to go the walker route, be careful to not hurt your back. (Or do you have one of those new titanium ones?

  9. Sans Pantaloons said,

    I have zero respect for anyone who is younger than my digital watch.

  10. Just Dave said,

    You hold ’em down with your walker and I’ll smack ’em with my cane, by jiminy. Make the little bastard walk uphill to work in the snow.

  11. sexywhispers said,

    That just shows his stupidity dear. ANYONE who thinks that oral sex is not sex… is not paying attention! HELLO…. ~~Dee

  12. mixednut said,

    Us ol’ folks have to stick together!

  13. Just Dave said,

    Oh, I forgot about the oral sex part. Guess I am getting older. I don’t care if it’s sex or not -just don’t make it illegal.

  14. helene said,

    I have definitely slipped into what you would consider rude, with cell phones (and I am older… 40’s… oh and from the philly area. I saw your post card on Dales blog and thought I would come say hello to a neighbor!). I remember 2+ years ago being in Miami after a business meeting. I went to dinner with a colligue and he took out his 2 cells and put them right on the table… he actually answered 2 calls and on the 3rd had to excuse himself to go outside and finish the conversation… I ended up ordering dinner for the both of us as I had limited time. He wasnt terribly appologetic or anything. I was so taken aback! I told the story in horror to several friends etc… Well now, 2 years later, I take my phone out of my purse and place it on the table or my lap when I am out… Its the norm now. I do limit the calls I take, but still. I see your point, but when everyone is doing it, it becomes socially acceptable.

    The sex thing… hummmm thats a tough one. I think people see oral sex as sport sex and intercourse as intimate. I dont agree, but I can see it. Lol to Daves comment! Oh and what do people consider the 4 bases now? Was there an update that I didnt get? hehehe


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