February 14, 2009 at 1:27 pm (misc, money, stupid women)

So let me get this straight.  The mother who just had eight babies and had an additional six at home, wants the unemployed, down trodden taxpayers of this country to send her donations?

She’s got nerve.  Are you kidding?



  1. Linda said,

    Heck, I’ve got ONE kid and I’d love the taxpayers of this country to send ME donations!

    (I’m not holding my breath…)

  2. cheer34 said,


  3. superwoman said,

    Initially I thought, this wasn’t anyone’s business. What a woman does with her fertility is her choice. However, the more I learn, the more this makes me crazy. I can’t believe there was a doctor who did invitro for her. She is NOT mentally sound. And she’s having plastic surgury? WTF. Sushi and I live paycheck to paycheck. We are providing for three kids and trying to be responsible about it. If you know you can’t provide for the six you already have, you shouldn’t have more. A surprise is one thing, intentional invitro is quite another.

  4. Bubbles said,

    This story amazes me. I feel bad for the kids – and what’s the answer?

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