Bootlegged movies, gotta love em!

February 22, 2009 at 10:03 pm (movies)

I just finished watching the “Changeling“, which was a bootlegged copy that my friend lent me.  The dvd kept stopping, having interference, jumping scenes, etc. and it was quite painful to keep watching but I was almost mid way through when all this crap started happening.

It was a very good movie but who else saw it and wanted to put their fists through the tv because the LAPD were stupid assholes?  OMG!  I felt my blood pressure start to rise and I had to take deep breathes to calm down.  Sometimes I hate watching movies like this because I get so worked up.  Needless to say, I did not see the very end of the movie because the dvd decided it didn’t want to work anymore.  Oh well, I got to see almost the whole thing.  And I do love Angelina Jolie’s acting. I think she’s a great actress.  Although, I think she’s a bitch for stealing Brad Pitt away from Jen but that’s another story for another day….

Teri’s rating:  A+



  1. Joe said,

    I think it’s time old Brad got a little of that criticism. After all, he wasn’t forced to leave his wife for Angie. It was his choice. He’s the ass.

  2. Teri said,

    Joe, you are correct, my friend. It takes two so both should get blamed, just as much.

  3. coffeypot said,

    Watching a bootlegged CD, huh? Okay, I’m making a citizens arrest. Up against the wall and spread’em. You have the right to remain silent (unless you feel a squeal coming on); anything you say can and will be use against you (if you like for me to) and in a court of law (if you try to have me arrested for harassment.) You have the right to have an attorney present (he/she can even join in, too) and if you can’t afford one – tough shit.

    Now strip down for your cavity inspection…

    If this works I have to ride it out as far as I can. If not, disregard this comment.

  4. cheer34 said,

    Nothing with Angelina in it interests me….I think it is the size of her lips that gross me out……

  5. Just Dave said,

    This was a very good movie, although it was a bit long. I thought Angelina did a good job in it. I know what you mean about getting worked up. My jaws ached from clenching, I was getting so angry. The asylum stuff made me want to find those people, dig them up and kick them in the skull.

  6. Linda said,

    Am I hallucinating that you had a more recent post than this one? I came back to reply to it, and it’s gone! 😦

  7. Teri said,

    Linda – I need to redo that one as some people were confused as to what I was saying.

  8. thatgirl said,

    not that i do anything outside the law … but … …. just sayin

  9. cheer34 said,

    is it me or is the sabotage post lost???? my computer can’t find it……hope you are still there

  10. Teri said,

    Cheer – see Linda’s comment and my response.

  11. Cinnkitty said,

    I actually refuse to watch Branjolina …. either one of them. It really miffed me that Jen got treated the way she did and think AJ is just skanky nasty. 😉

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