February 23, 2009 at 7:39 pm (life issues)

I have been on a quest lately to lose weight.  I want to eat healthier because I’m getting older and don’t want any heart problems.  I want to walk into the Petite or Woman sections of a store and just buy anything I want and not worry about the item not fitting, just right.  I want to look better in pictures.  (Did you know pictures make you look heavier?)  I think so, because every time I have a photo taken of myself I say “this is not what I see in the mirror”!

I’ve been exercising every night, since the summer.   The one thing I am having the hardest time doing?  Eating healthier.  I can work out every night, every day for months but I can’t seem to eat healthier.  I like food.  I like to eat.  I don’t stuff myself every day but I don’t starve myself, either.  Sometimes I think food is an addiction because I can’t seem to have the willpower to control what I eat and how much I eat.  I want the items I mentioned above.  I want something extra that I didn’t mention above but I seem to always be sabotaging myself into not eating the way I should.

Maybe it comes from 43 years of eating this way?  Maybe it’s because I’m single and the thought of putting in so much time making and preparing food just for myself, makes me crazy?

The exercising has helped me drop about a size and a half to two sizes but I can’t seem to get past that and I know it’s due to the eating.

What’s a girl to do?



  1. Just Dave said,

    According to the cardialogist I see, the exercise is more important than the food in maintaining a healthy heart. I mean, you can’t keep eating tons of transfat and expect to live a long life but you don’t have to do nothing but crunch carrots and celery either. Reader’s Digest used to have a great cookbook with easy to prepare dishes that were good for you and delicious too. The chicken and beef chili is fantastic. You might check their website and see if it is still available.

  2. cheer34 said,

    slowly switch to better foods……….try whole wheat stuff……and do not BUY the junk crap…..I recently found FIGS help with the need for a sweet…..they really are good for you too….and taste great…..I get a few different kinds… mission, calymara (spelling is not correct for that one) and italian sun dried which are the best. I eat them as is and someitmes I cut them in half, put a little bit of goat cheese inside and wrap a small amount pf proscuttio around them…delicious! Pick one or two new items….find recipes for them and cook like crazy…you may even enjoy the creativity that comes from cooking new things and start to enjoy cooking introduce fresh herbs to oyur diet…you will be amazed how much of a difference they make…start with itailian parsley and basil….find recipes for them and coook cook cook……keep in mind portion control is important even with better healthier foods…..oh and you may want to try it’s a free calorie counting site….it helped me realize how many calories I was eating in a day…I was very surprised……I sure can talk alot on this subject…..hope this helps…good luck……and knwo that i struggle with this weight crap too you are not alone

  3. coffeypot said,

    Hell, you’re going to die anyway, just like the rest of us. Lie on the couch and watch TV then go to the Waffle House for a double bacon cheese burger with hash browns all the way. If you feel guilty about that, have a diet coke.

  4. metalmom said,

    I made a whole turkey last week for the family. It turned out to be a great big bonus for me diet-wise. I wrapped a few thin slices for sandwiches, I cut some into chunks and tossed them into a filling salad and then when I got to the bare bones, I took all of those odd chunks and used the package chili mix, black and kidney beans and diced tomatoes and made a turkey chili. Just by using turkey in the chili, it cuts out a lot of calories and the beans are great for your heart.

    Marie came over for lunch and we ate it up (Of course she was chicken and I didn’t put habanero chilis in her bowl!! I think if you are cooking for yourself you can even buy a half-breast complete with bone. Its very worth it!!

    Nicer weather is coming…’ll have to join me in the spring to walk the college grounds-it’s gorgeous!

  5. mixednut said,

    You might not believe this but I’ve been watching this show over the past few months and I found it really interesting. You might too!

  6. Teri said,

    Mixed Nut – I’ve seen her before. She has a show “You Are What You Eat” on the BBC channel. It’s scary about what we eat and how it effects our body.

  7. thatgirl said,

    soda is the devil … i used to drink regular all the time, after i stopped i started drinking diet … i just recently started drinking regular soda again but i only have 1 every few days

    fill up on small portions of protein and larger amounts of veggies, either raw or steamed and more than just breakfast, lunch and dinner

    and yes it is a pain in the ass (and also more expensive) to eat healthier

    course there is always coffey’s thought process … what the hell, gotta die of something, better to die fat and happy, huh??

  8. said,

    Even some guys have trouble managing weight, I know I do. It’s like an elevator. For me, when I was most successful, I became very focused and had a goal and worked to achieve that. There was not much deviating from the plan. Good luck!

  9. Bubbles said,

    For me it is portion control. If I like something I want more.

    Someone once told me (speaking for themselves), “I don’t live to eat, I eat to live.” Whoever it was was one of those people that never had an issue with weight, of course.

    To them I say, “Shut the hell up. You don’t understand.” Furthermore, food has many benefits besides nutrition. In my family it is a social thing. I love to cook. It uses creative energy. Thing is, I like to cook food that is really tasty and good!

    Cheer has some great ideas – herbs, spices, etc. help a lot. It is nice that there are so many ideas and recipes out there for healthy recipes – but I know how much tastier potatoes are with butter, etc…

    I wish I was as committed to the exercise as you are!! That is a real battle won! Good for you!!

  10. Dick Small said,

    Everyone sure seems to have “all the answers”. Well, I could go the same route, but here’s my advice:
    I’ve noticed many black men have a thing for heavier women. Maybe you should find yourself a nice black guy, and he won’t care. Then you can eat all you want.. I know a few black guys that hang out at the local convenience store, I’ll give them your pic and your email address. Hey, don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for.

  11. metalmom said,

    LMAO @ Dick Small!!

  12. Teri said,

    Metalmom – yeah, he’s a hoot, isn’t he. I will try to buy turkey, more, instead of ground beef, etc. I’m trying to lessen my intake of fattier foods so my calorie intake won’t go over as much.

    Dick – thanks for the suggestions. I think they might like bigger woman, which I’m not one of but I will keep this suggestion for a later date.

    Tina – I don’t drink soda, thankfully. Maybe one every few months. Mostly water. I try to get in enough protein, the veggies are another story.

    Coffeypot – I know but I would like to prolong death. Believe me, I love my cheeseburgers, I don’t deprive myself but I also don’t eat them alot.

    Cheer – Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try some of them.

    Dave – believe me, I’m not the vegetarian or health freak. I like my junk food but I know everything in moderation. I need more cardio workouts.

  13. Lori said,

    I feel ya, girl. I have PCOS which makes it difficult to lose weight. When it comes to junk food, though, I’m pretty good about resisting it. Mostly because I keep nothing — NOTHING — that could possibly tempt me in the house. If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it.

    I need to do more cardio too. I am still recovering from surgery that I had a few weeks ago, and the doctors told me that I should not be lifting for 4-6 weeks. It’s killing me. But I do need to get my ass back on the elliptical. Ugh. I just hate cardio.

    Hang in there and keep up the good work! Two sizes lost is no small feat — I wish I could drop two sizes!

  14. Catherinette said,

    You need to buy this book: Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen by Kathleen Daelmans. Recipes are easy to follow, she has a great philosphy on eating right, and the food is f’ing awesome.

    If all else fails, go and read Fast Food Nation. I didn’t eat Fast Food for 2 years after reading that book.

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