Some interesting t.v. watching

March 3, 2009 at 9:03 pm (life issues, misc)

Have any of you been watching “Homeland Security USA“?  This showimmigration1 is on Tuesday nights on ABC.  It’s very interesting.  I caught my first episode tonight but I might be back for some more.  I find this stuff interesting.

Did you know that people counterfeit cigarettes and ship them to the U.S.?  Or that people smuggle drugs in cabinet doors?  And of course, the ole’ illegal alien issue.



  1. cheer34 said,

    what time….I watch NCIS

  2. coffeypot said,

    That has to be the most frustrating government job in the USA. Those dedicated men and women do their job and all they accomplish is turned over in court. Many of the people they arrest are repeat offenders of crossing the boarder. I have a friend who works for the FBI who came from the Boarder Patrol in Texas and Arizona and he says he sleeps better at night and has less stress chasing the bad guy’s verses working down there. He said the country is not being told the truth about what goes on at the boarders and he is glad to be away from it.

  3. MarkD60 said,

    Did you know that the Cuban Cigar, Cohiba Robusto is the most counterfeited item in the world?

  4. Catherinette said,

    There’s counterfeit everything these days. I swear.

  5. Joe said,

    And then there’s the guy who was arrested in an Italian airport a couple of days ago, whose leg cast was made of cocaine….
    hey, he tried..

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