March 10, 2009 at 5:15 pm (charities, life issues, personal opinions)

For a few years now I’ve been really trying to think of a charity that I would like to give to.  Every so often I give to Philabundance or the Red Cross.  I give my blood at the blood drives at work but I haven’t been able to focus on one group to give to.  The trouble is, there are so many out there and so many worthwhile causes and needs.  Bossy mentioned World Vision on her site and I sent away for a brochure.

Then, I saw on someone’s site and I went for a visit.  This is something that always touches my heart when someone is looking for a marrow donation.  It reminds me of the blood donations people give and I thought, why not?  It’s not expensive to join but if you are a match, it’s intense.  Could I do it?  Could I give of myself, this way?  I’m in awe of people who donate kidneys to their friends, loved ones, strangers in need, etc.  But I would like to keep all my organs.  Just in case I might need them someday. =)

I’m still reading all the information on the site and thinking about it.  I will probably do it.  How about you?   Do you think about or are you able to give to charities?  Which ones do you give to?



  1. Just Dave said,

    Aside from church, Habitat for Humanity gets most of my charity dollars. I like the idea of people working to get a home with the help of strangers. The fact is that they build better houses than the commercial home builders. In one area of Florida where a hurricane hit, most of the houses that still had roofs were Habitat houses. Why? When you are building for yourself, you put in 6 nails where a pro builder puts in one to save money.

    The marrow thing is admirable but be advised: it hurts.

  2. thatgirl said,

    you know what i give to

    yeah, like dave said, i’ve heard it hurts … alot

    i’ve also thought of volunteering at phoenix childrens hospital but that one would be hard

    i’m also an organ donor but only after death

    and i haven’t been able to give blood the last few time because of the timing with getting tattoos … but normally i always do

  3. thatgirl said,

    oh and all of my (and the kids) old clothes in any good condition go to goodwill

  4. Teri said,

    Dave – the invasiveness of the procedure made me really stop and think. It’s like going into an operation. They put you out and you have to have recovery time. Also, there are Habitat for Humanity stores in my area that sell good stuff for little to no money. They are a blessing to folks who really need it. Plus the whole building houses thing. They are one of my top favorites.

    Tina – I’m an organ donor, as well. I need to be better with Goodwill. I’m lazy and have stuff, at this moment, that needs to go.

  5. cheer34 said,

    we give to the local food bank, homeless shelter and the animal shelter. most of our donations are for the community we live in……I have tried to give blood but my iron is always to low…..organ donation not so sure about. I know I should but something is holding me back…not sure what it is but something is there…

  6. superwoman said,

    We of course give most of our donations to our church. I try to give blood as much as I can and if I could give more I would love to give to our church’s Perpetual Education Fund. It is a wonderful program where people in third world countries are able to get a scholarship to get their education with the understanding that they will give back when they are able to. Education is the key to opportunity I believe and also the key to helping a lot of the world’s problems.

  7. Nobody said,

    I try to donate a few hundred bucks a year. The charities I’ve contributed to for 2009 include:

    via weekly payroll deductions:
    The Partnership for a Drug Free state
    The Big City Humane Society
    The Salvation Army

    one time donations:
    our local PBS station
    Wikimedia Foundation
    National Rifle Association

    And some random ones that come begging and or selling crap door to door, generally Girl Scout cookies, boy scouts, school fundraisers, cancer society, etc.

  8. coffeypot said,

    I don’t feel the need. I support my wife and family, my grandkids and local establishments. Most ot the major organizations use the money for administrative support and only a small percent for research. Check on any organizations you might give too and see how much their chairman/president makes each year and how much actually goes to research. It disappointed me.

  9. Just Dave said,

    I forgot, I do have myself shown as an organ donor on my drivers license, which is how they do it in Colorado. They probably figure, with all the stupid drivers here, you have a better than average chance of getting yours in a car wreck. Of course, my ambition is to have all of my organs pretty well worn out by the time I am through with them.

  10. Joe said,

    I’m an organ donor. (all my organs, if you know what I mean….)

  11. sexywhispers said,

    After my parents lost their house last year (both were laid off!), I started to realize that there are homeless people that do not have someone to go to. Every month, even when money is tight, I go buy groceries for the homeless shelter. I actually have to go buy them–it is part of the participation. Just giving the money wont do.

    Note: Homeless teens are the largest growing group in the US right now. It is crushing to see elderly people who can not buy food. THIS IS AMERICA!

    Bless you for your acts of kindness. It makes me proud to know you. ~~Dee

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