April Fools, sucker!

April 3, 2009 at 7:39 pm (funny jokes, genealogy)

For those of you on Facebook, you might know about the “We’re Related” section.  Imagine my utter shock when I got a notification telling me that Barack Obama is admitting being related to me by way of being a fourth cousin.  I was really shocked but didn’t think too much of it considering he does have some Irish in him.

I tried to click on the link to see “how we are related” but it kept giving me an error.  I tried a day later and this is what I got:




  1. Some Guy said,

    I’m surprised considering you two look so much alike.

  2. bubbles said,

    That’s funny. I’m Irish, too. I suspect everyone has a bit ‘o green in the line, don’t you think??? If not, I pity them!

  3. Linda said,

    That’s an O’Bummer! 😦

    (P.S.: After I read you were “related,” I got a note saying I was related too — and that’s when my red light went off — because even though I actually AM related to the Prez, I didn’t have anything about it posted online!)

  4. Joe said,

    Sorry, Teri! But you’re not black, so that should’ve tipped you off…

  5. Nobody™ said,

    It would have been funnier if it was actually funny.

  6. Joe said,

    I’m related to Diana Ross, btw. I don’t talk about her much since she’s always been the black sheep of the family..

  7. thatgirl said,

    **shaking head**

  8. cinnkitty said,

    Bwa..ha.ha.ha…. NICE!!

  9. Joe said,

    So Teri, we all know you were gullible and possibly frantically desperate enough to believe that there was a slim chance you could have been related to B.O. (even though you’re not black), but I think it’s time for a new post. Surely there’s something else you can share with us…

  10. Joe said,

    … I mean, it’s been, like, 10 days….

  11. Catherinette said,

    I was wondering what the hell that was all about. I ignored him. As much as I heart Barack, I know that there’s no way he’s part of my crazy ass family.

  12. brad said,

    Ohhhhhhhh how I hate Facebook lol

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