Some weird and disgusting things

April 15, 2009 at 7:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Would you like to grow your own christmas trees?  Inside your own body?  Then read on….

How about ordering some food from your local pizza delivery place?



  1. Linda said,

    Story no. 1: Can’t be a Christmas tree — no tinsel or ornaments!

    Story no. 2: Great one for me to read during dinner… 😦

    (Seriously, good luck to that chick ever getting another job!)

  2. Skylers Dad said,

    I think I would honestly rather have the tree growing inside me than the pizza from that place!

  3. metalmom said,


  4. bubbles said,

    Pizza place video – Holy cow! Just goes to show you what kind of people are out there, and is is scary to think about. You know, before my mom died she knew that her immune system was very compromised. She couldn’t stand the idea of eating out anymore because she said it “wasn’t worth literally putting her life in some else’s hands”. Now I see what she meant!

  5. Catherinette said,

    You know I had to look at the pictures. And you know I wish I hadn’t done that. Blech.

  6. Joe said,

    Hmm,,, a tree growing in someone’s lung??? I have my doubts……

  7. Joe said,

    … and since I like to order pizza quite frequently, I’m not even gonna look at that other story..

  8. cheer34 said,


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