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May 11, 2009 at 3:55 pm (Uncategorized)

“Pulling a Tina”

Definition:  asking someone to befriend you on Facebook, even though you were not friends with them in life, just so you can see how badly they have aged.

Guess what I did the other day?  I “pulled a Tina”.  How many of you have “pulled a Tina”?



  1. thatgirl said,

    that’s just wrong!

  2. thatgirl said,

    clarification … it’s wrong that you named it after you’re hot sister

    it’s not wrong to do it … everyone has a little catty bitch in them from time to time!!

    • Teri said,

      I had to name it something and since you’re the only one I know that does it, so far, it was a no brainer.

      “hot sister”……….hahahahahaahah

  3. Just Dave said,

    No, all of my Facebook friends are young and beautiful, including the old ones.

  4. metalmom said,

    As soon as I read “pulling a Tina” I cracked up laughing!! (Sorry Tina, but ya gotta admit, that’s pretty funny!)

    Yes, I’ve done it. Now I have a name for it! 😀

  5. Joe said,

    I don’t know what ‘pulling a tina’ is. I can only imagine it’s bad. …

  6. Philly said,

    I have, only once and damnit, there were no pictures posted.


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