Money is tight and so is the economy

May 27, 2009 at 7:26 pm (house issues)

I really need to refinance my house.  I have absolutely no money to make any repairs to my house.  I make an extra mortgage payment a year, which has really bought down my balance.  I also have a second loan on said mortgage.  I will have to wait and see, come March 2010, how much my mortgage balance is so that I can refinance.  With my current balance and my second loan, it takes it over the original amount I bought the house for.

In the meantime, I have to make some changes so that I can mentally stand living here.  I want to rip up the carpets on the second floor and get new carpeting.  The floors need too much repair and would cost too much for me to consider leaving the wood bare.

So I decided to paint the exposed floors brown to take away all the paint spatters.  It’s working.  I can mentally feel myself calming down.

hallway floor



  1. Skylers Dad said,

    Good for you. Small steps, just a little at a time, and you will see improvement in the house as well as your mind!

  2. Finn said,

    Excellent idea!

  3. metalmom said,

    Load your ipod up with some great music, have a supply of ice for your water and have at it! You’ll burn calories while painting and have two great looking tasks done! 🙂

  4. Sans Pantaloons said,

    The paint spatters are certainly chaotic. Just looking at the part you have painted calms me down. Paint On!

  5. coffeypot said,

    Burn it down and have the insurance rebuild it brand new. Or apply for a bailout.

  6. Bubbles said,

    Great idea! Carpet hold so much dirt, anyway! Maybe think of the floors as a pallet to work from… try some creative free form painting or stencils? What the heck? You can always paint over it if you don’t like it! Sounds like fun!

    • Teri said,

      Bubbles, I always had in my brain to refinish the floors and when they needed too much work my brain stopped thinking. I had to actually think “what would make me feel better, in the meantime”? Hense the paint. I’m thinking about taking up the rest of the carpet upstairs and painting those floors, as well. That way no carpet, no extra labor for the carpet guys when I get new carpets and it will make me feel like I’ve accomplished something without spending thousands of dollars I don’t have. The next room is my office as I already took up the carpet when I first moved in. It’s great getting new ideas from different people and even expanding your own ideas.

  7. Just Dave said,

    I can loan you $20. I need it back by next Tuesday, though. No vig, that’s the upshot.

  8. Joe said,

    My house needs a new roof and needs to be re-sided. My grass needs to be cut too, but that’s not likely to happen..
    My neighbor across the street keeps his yard meticulous. Mine is full of dandelions, and when they turn white, and the wind’s blowing in just the right direction, i love watching the swarms of dandelion seeds blow across the street into his yard…
    The guy just hates me..

    • Teri said,

      OMG, that’s funny! At least cut the lawn, that’s not a huge job.

  9. superwoman said,

    it does look great, paint on!

  10. Joe said,

    Well, if my neighbor wants to pay me fifty bucks, come over with his own lawnmower, cut it, and haul all the clippings away, then so be it…
    I’m such an asshole…

  11. Joe said,

    … but i enjoy it..

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