I smell a possible lawsuit

August 7, 2009 at 1:06 pm (work related)

I have something interesting to tell you but I’m warning you, this is coming second hand and I hope I have all the details right.

My company sold their IT department to EDS.  Hewlett Packard then bought EDS, not long after.

The other day, an EDS employee was on my floor and told one of my fellow admins that Hewlett wanted to adjust everyone’s salary to be more competitive with the folks in India, since alot of the outsourcing was done there.  First of all, what competition?  We are in two different countries with two different economies, etc.

Needless to say, HP adjusted her salary to what she was making back in 1999.

I was so floored that I had no words to say about this.  What are your thoughts?



  1. superwoman said,

    WTF???? That is crazy. I worked for EDS back in the day and they were a great company when I worked for them. My sister in law worked for a company that HP bought and promptly layed her off within about a year of the sale. Sounds like HP has some squirrly business practices. Plus, that is just wrong to do this to people when the job market is so volitile. People feel as if they don’t have any options but to accept what is happening. Law suit indeed. . . .

  2. Skylers Dad said,

    Yeah, you know they couldn’t get away with that in a good job market! They are counting on people taking whatever is handed to them.

  3. Just Dave said,

    As a recently involuntarily separated employee, I can tell you that she has no case. HP is welcome to do whatever the hell it wants as long as it does not discriminate due to race, age, etc. Is it unconscionable? Yes, it sucks. Is it illegal? Probably not. I was thrown on the heap after 44 years. I got a nice severance package but the only way I can get it is to sign a release agreeing not to sue to company for anything they did from “the beginning of time up to the date of employment terminated”. Attorneys tell me this is typical. Since I cannot survive without the severance (try finding a new job at age 62), I signed and would do it again. I am the sole support of my family. HP will find that what goes around, comes around when the economy recovers.

  4. Nobody said,

    That’s fucked up. HP has really gone down hill, years ago they made some of the best test equipment on the market. Now it’s all crap. Same with their laser printers, the 4 series was great, so they stopped making them and started selling shitty ones.

  5. Scarlet said,

    But on the bright side, as Prince said, she can now party like it’s 1999!

    It is f****d, in Australia we’ve had similar things where companies have outsourced their IT, they get a lot of press and union heat. The public backlash is not nice.

    My biggest fear is one day I’ll go to a McDonald’s drive-thru and I place an order and Sanjit in Mumbai will get it wrong!

  6. thatgirl said,

    yet another reason to quit my IT job, veg off the governement, live free, eat free, go to school free

  7. bubbles said,

    Oh, this shipping jobs offshore is really, really a bad thing. WTF? And as we have said before, try to get some customer service from the offshore robots!

    I read about plans to penalize companies that offshore jobs. God, I hope it comes true!

    On the other hand… it is sad that McD can’t find enough people in the US labor pool to do the work. I think that if they *could* offshore, they certainly would.


  8. Michael said,

    Holy crap, that sucks, couldn’t think what I’d do if my salary went to what it was in 1999.

    • Teri said,

      I agree, I would have a fit if someone stole my salary, like that.

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