Bad body image

September 11, 2009 at 6:59 pm (life issues, personal opinions, Uncategorized)

As a child I think I used to have a bad body image of myself.  I think one of the main reasons was because they use to weigh us in grammar school.  You would line up and enter the nurses office where she weighed you.  And of course she would have to say your weight out loud so everyone could hear.  This use to drive me crazy.  As I look at pictures from that time, I realize that I wasn’t that different from my classmates.  In fact, for someone who is just under five foot two, I was taller than some of the girls in my class.  I think seeing these pictures has helped me put that embarrassment to rest.

I’m on the front row, the fourth one from the right.




  1. Skylers Dad said,

    I can’t blow the picture up! What fun is that? ;^)

  2. Bubbles said,

    So cute! I know, I what you mean, too. Did you guys have to wear “gym suits” for PE? I remembered about those just the other day. (or am I painfully older than you…) Anyway, as if it wasn’t difficult enough to be a girl, we had to put those one piece uniforms on. Ugh.

    • Teri said,

      Bubbles, We had to wear the one piece gym suites starting in 7th grade. I hated them. Why couldn’t we just wear shorts and a t-shirt?

  3. coffeypot said,

    You were a very cute kid and you could hold your own with the rest of the girls in your class. But your teacher is hot!!!

    • teri said,

      my fourth and fifth grade teachers were super nice and very pretty, Coffeypot. I’m sure many of the boys had crushes on them.

  4. Philly said,

    That guys is rockin next to you in his plaid pants.

  5. Joe said,

    So what year is that? looks like ca. ’75 / 76

    • Teri said,

      God, Joe, you’re good. It’s about 76, I would have been 10.

      • Joe said,

        I’m also so good that I could tell which one was you just by the shape of your developing bustline..

  6. thatgirl said,

    omg!! i remember the nurse weighing us!! what the fuck was that for?? what was the point??

    at jr high/middle school in PA we had to wear uniforms in gym class if we forgot our own shorts and t-shirts … but we also had swimming for 6 weeks each year … talk about bad body image … that was horrific, i hated it

    • Teri said,

      I have no idea why the nurse had to weigh us, especially in front of everyone. that was the worst.

      I wonder if gym teachers think up the most horrific ideas to make us cringe and hate ourselves, in gym class?

  7. Monica said,

    (…Yes, I’m a SERIOUSLY late commenter, coming out of lurking!)

    I was born in ’67 so remember that era like it was yesterday….I also remember being taller than most girls at that age and feeling like a weirdo. Then by the time high school rolled around, all the girls had their growth spurts and left me in the dust! (I was glad!…)

    Also, in ’76 I remember rocking the plaid pants…dancing to the Bay City Rollers…wearing “earth shoes”…watching Laverne and Shirley….man do I feel old! 🙂

  8. Sans Pantaloons said,

    Did someone mention “bustline?”

  9. BOSSY said,

    And Bossy always thought she was too tall and so she would slouch and slouch and slouch; only difference being, Bossy really was too tall. And the slouching never went away.

    • teri said,

      I’m sure everyone had their own issues. You want to just disappear into the woodwork no matter what issue you are trying to hide.

      ps. Feel privileged that I got a comment from Bossy!

  10. Sans said,

    Happy Birthday Teri!

    Have a great day!

  11. Sans said,

    Teri, You’ve forgotten your password, haven’t you…

    • teri said,

      I have, Sans. nothing great to talk about.

  12. Sans said,

    Happy New Year Teri!

  13. Sans said,

    Happy Birthday Teri.
    Have a fun day!

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