Crossing the line

November 15, 2008 at 7:55 pm (Choice, personal opinions, politics)

equalityWhenever we have a Presidental election, there are so many topics that come up for us to vote on, discuss and demonstrate against. There are some personal topics that always come up that infuriate me that anyone has a right to vote on at all. I often wonder why we try to impose our beliefs on everyone who is different from what we believe.

Just because I believe in something specific doesn’t mean I should get the chance to vote against it, like gay marriage. Just because I believe in something, doesn’t mean the government has a right to put it on the ballot. Why can’t we just accept that everyone is different. Everyone has different religious beliefs, if any. There are people that don’t love the opposite sex, like I do. There are people who believe that their bodies are their own and not the property of others, especially the government.

If you believe that abortion should be illegal, fine but don’t impose your belief on me. If you believe that gays should not marry, fine but don’t have it on the ballot and don’t vote against me marrying just because I’m gay. If you believe that everyone should believe in God, fine but don’t impose your religious beliefs on me. Do you want to have a healthy discussion about these topics with different people? Great, do it. But remember, your belief is not everyone’s belief.

We all have free will and have different beliefs. I don’t ever want to vote against someone wanting to marry the love of their life just cause they are gay. I don’t ever want to vote against a gay couple who want children. I don’t want to tell someone that they can’t have an abortion just because I don’t believe in it. Let’s keep politics and personal opinions out of each other’s homes.

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