Do men suffer from PMS?

August 28, 2008 at 9:07 pm (medical issues, men's issues, stupid men, work related)

Every so often I suffer from PMS to the point that my nerves feel like they could snap.  This is really bad when I’m at work and someone has a stupid ass question or doesn’t explain themselves to the point where I want to pull the hair from my head and run screaming away from them.

This happened today.  My one consultant and I almost got into a screaming match because what he was saying was totally ridiculous.  He was acting like what I should do with a document on our server was something we NEVER do and that he was telling me something new.  Hello dumbass, we always save our documents in each specific folder and PDF them, etc. before we send to clients or have copied.  Why are you telling me this is how your folders and documents should be?  This is how we’ve always done it and how we will continue to do it.  And he got PISSED off at me because I couldn’t understand what the fuck he was talking about and when I explained the process and how it’s been in place since the dinosaurs he got even more pissed at me.  Then he tells me that all letters, going to the clients, accompanying presentations, etc. should come from the Associates (the folks who put the presentations together).  Um….NO, the letter and the relationship with the client is with the Consultant.  If the client gets a letter, from the Associate, and the client doesn’t know who this person is, they will say “Who the hell is this person”.  Basically this consultant wants to rearrange the way we’ve been doing things for more than 8 years because he feels like it on this particular day.

This brings me to my original question, do men suffer from a form of monthly PMS?  Every so often, when I want to rip someone’s face off because I’m hormonal, he seems to be as well and we almost have a throwdown.  Today he told me to get out of his office.  And a few hours later we smiled at each other and acted like nothing happened.

One of the other guys in the office says he truly suffers from this hormonal craziness about once a month.  Is it the full moon?  My and my female friends always crack jokes about “men having PMS” when they are totally off the wall and goofy, like this.  We feel like if we go through it, then the men must go through it, as well, right?

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