February 20, 2008 at 9:03 pm (winter blues)

It’s been a very weird winter. I’ve been hibernating all winter and not really leaving the house, only to go to work. Our weather has been descent, so I don’t have a good excuse to not leave the house. I think I’m so content in my new house and neighborhood that I don’t want to leave the comforts of home unless I have to. Since the same stuff happens at work and not much else has been going on, I don’t have much to say. I have been visiting some great blogs lately, however, and would like to share them with you. So if I don’t post, it’s because not much is happening in my “cave” but I’m still visiting all my folks. Here are some cool blogs and their owners that I’ve been enjoying.

  • I am Bossythis crazy lady lives in the Philly area and I was referred to her by Metalmom, another of my Philly chicks. Bossy makes me laugh because she’s a little crazy but in a good way. She has a little family tree going on and various other nonsense. Some of you seem to already know Bossy, so you can concur with my findings of her. (what a small world)
  • Poop & Boogiesanother local from the Philly area. He’s a great dad and crazy husband to Lauren, who just started her own blog as well.
  • Oh, the JoysI like her writing style, not too wordy, and she’s funny.
  • The Guv’neranother office worker, like myself, with crazy stories about her boss(es). She’s from Scotland, so maybe her and Sans Pantaloons have something in common. Give her a read, she’s a hoot. You can also visit her here, as well. She likes to spread herself around.
  • Catherinetteanother crazy lady from Maryland. She’s NOT a guy stalker or a lush, so watch what you say about her. She’s also the hottest single lady in Maryland according to their local magazine. And last but never least,
  • JannaJanna is a stalker of Mr. Fab and I’m an official stalker of Janna. She’s funny, creative and a little off her rocker, as well. Dick Small might like her.

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