Bad tattoos and other nonsense

August 26, 2008 at 6:07 pm (bloggers, loves, tattoos)

Skyler’s Dad has been posting some bad tattoos, lately.  I recently saw bad tattoos on a woman, I was walking behind, down the street.  I wish I had my camera but the sidewalk was packed and I didn’t want folks to think I was tacky by taking her picture, plus it would have been good if I actually had my camera.

Picture this:  The back of a woman’s thighs, in a short skirt, with a “bow” tattoo on each thigh.  Almost like a present but NOT!  I almost laughed out loud when I saw them. 


A day or two ago I realized that I have not been commenting on anyone’s blog lately.  Maybe every now and then but for the most part, not!  I want you all to know that I visit, each and every one of you, daily but I’ve just been pretty quiet.  In my own little world, lately.  Don’t cry, I’ll snap out of it sooner or later.  Just know that I continue to stalk read you every day.  Smooches!

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